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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  January 24, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the political winds of change relate washington in the wake of scott brown's win, will possible reface his agenda. we'll ask one of his closest advisories, white house press secretary robert gibbs in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. republicans celebrate their victory in massachusetts but have their eye on a bigger prize in november. we handicap gop chances to cut into the democratic majority with john cornyn, chairman of the republican senate campaign committee and obama administration takes aim at wall street again. we'll ask our sunday regular legislators if this new populism is smart politics and good business all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. joining us now one of the
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president's top advisors, without press secretary robert gibbs. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> start with the effort to get ben bernanke a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. do you have the 60 votes needed for confirm mission. >> you saw the statement from judd greg, republican, a chris dodd working to get in a bipartisan fashion to ensure statement stability in the financial system by approval ben bernanke for a second term. we believe he will be confirmed. i hope that you'll ask senator cornyn and others in later segments to come out and support some of that stability in our financial system by ensuring the renomination of the fed chairman. >> you talk about stability. the dow jones lost 400 points. what does the president think the repercussions will be on wall street or markets around the world? zing the best way to not have to
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deal with any of those repercussions is to support ben bernanke for a second term. no doubt there's anger and frustration. we saw it in massachusetts, about the direction of our economy, about what's happened with excessive risk taking with big banks and americans lending hard-earned money to bail them out. we have taken some extraordinary steps to get past that to stabilize our financial system. and now it's important to take the next steps to create an atmosphere where the private sector is hiring so we can put millions back to work. i think now would be a particularly bad time to send a signal to the international community and our overall financial system by playing politics in any way with this upcoming vote. >> you talk about that but in recent weeks, especially in the last few days, the president has
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taken a populous line, bashing wall street, calling for new restriction on banks. do you worry that may feed the mood against bernanke, that it may have been fueling the drop in the market and that it may scare businesses from hiring people? >> not at all. what you call bashing the banks, the american taxpayers call two things, getting the money back. >> you talk about fat cats and the -- you know. >> well, again, the american people lent big banks in this country an extraordinary a money after they took extraordinarily and greedy risk taking that nearly caused the collapse of our financial system to the president proposes we recoup that money and don't let banks, investment if i officials own ak
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and invest and make huge money for themselves. you've seen -- you saw on when the president announce this had, we had the sec chairman from a republican administration, paul advocator, the fed chairman during the reagan years, there's a support for what the policy that the president outlined across the political spectrum from people on the left all the way to the "wall street journal." we haven't had many of those over the past year, so i think we can work together to bring about financial reform and put some common sense proposals on the table and pass them so we never find ourselves in the situation we did in september of 2008 where the american people are held hostage to a bank that's too big to fail from the president gives a state of the union speech wednesday night. will he emphasis the populous line, fighting for the little
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guy we heard in ohio on friday. >> absolutely. the -- what ear going to hear from the president is the same thing you heard from him the past several years. that is that for far too long, people in this country felt like washington was about the special interest and not about them. that's why they're frustrated. that's why they're from traded about the rising cost of hillary healthcare and college educations and there aren't more jobs and they feel the banks are getting a better deal than wall street is doing better than main street. >> didn't your administration play into that in the healthcare bill when there were back room deals made, the louise louisiana purchase, the cornhusker kick back and billions of dollars of exampleses. haven't you played into that idea it's an inside game? >> chris i will tell you this, one of the things we've seen honestly over the past several
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years is that there's no doubt there's a tension in this town between the process of getting something done and what that process produces. i know that the president has certainly seen that. and there's no doubt that healthcare bill has become a character ca tougher of what is in it. if you look at the exit polling out of massachusetts, a state with a healthcare plan similar to the one the president proposed, it's very popular -- it was very popular among the electorate that sent scott brown to washington to serve in the united states senate. the only difference between massachusetts and president's plan is the plan the president has has strong cost controls that protect families on the premiums. i think the process has caused things like the healthcare plan to be character can interested when they contain tax cuts for small business to provide coverage for employees, cost controls so families don't see
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skyrocketing premiums and checks on insurance companies that can't discriminate against preexisting conditions. >> we keep hearing the main emphasis will be the economy, putting people back to work. the president is talking about $175 billion jobs program, more tax credits, spending for infrastructure and green energy. after the experience of the stimulus, does he really think that borrowing billions more, adding to the deficit is going to cut employment and put people back to work? >> take for instance the example you just used of the stimulus package. we had four quarters of economic regression in terms of growth. right? just last quarter we saw the first positive economic job growth in more than a year. largely as a result of the recovery plan that's put money back into our economy, that's saved or created a million and a half jobs.
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>> you didn't have job growth. >> no you had economic growth. >> but you still lost 69,000 jobs. >> chris, can you imagine an economic scenario which we're adding jobs when the economy is retrenching? you have to have economic growth before job growth. the recovery plan put money into the economy to invest in the -- >> what about the fact 3 million more are out of work. >> what we inherited when we walked in the door was an economic situation far worse than anybody new. nobody went on "fox business" and thought we would lose 740,000 jobs in january of 2009. but if you look at where we have gone, from losing 741,000 jobs to on the verge of cateing more jobs, we've made a tremendous amount of progress. the hole we inherited and have to fill is very, very deep.
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>> you know there are a lot of people that are -- >> a lot to did he's been president more than a year. >> well, look, the scenario he came in and took office and what existed in the country when he put his hand on the bible is what it is. regardless of how we get there, that's the situation the president was asked to deal w he understood that and that's why he ran for president. to make tough decisions. nobody wanted to help the banks or give money to stabilize the financial system. nobody wanted to ensure two auto companies didn't want to go out of business and go bankrupt and we lose several hundred thousand more jobs. those are tough decisions that the president had to make. what the president will outline are several things, including continuing to take the steps necessary to provide an environment where the private sector with hire. >> the president sent mixed messages this week on the day
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after scott brown won in massachusetts on wednesday. he said this. >> i would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around the elements of the package people agree on. >> on friday, in ohio, he said you can't just have insurance regulation reform. you also need mandates that everyone get insurance. let me ask you just a couple of specific quick questions and answers. will the president push for comprehensive reform. >> right now, chris, we're working with leaders on capitol hill to try to figure out the best path forward. we don't know what this is yet but understand the problems that existed in american healthcare that existed a year ago or a week ago continue today. we know if we don't dough do anything, premiums go up and more people will lose halt insurance and they'll be
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discriminated against and the deficit will be get worse. >> does he agree -- you talk about taking time to figure it out. does he agree with the statements from speaker pelosi and senator dodd that congress should take a month or two months before focuses on jobs and come back to healthcare? >> we've always been focused on jobs. the president has been focused on jobs since the moment he walked into the oval office. >> congress has been more focused on healthcare and the question is, should congress take a break for several months and focus on jobs and leave healthcare for later. >> i think those discussions are happening now to see whether or not we can get something done and when we can do t but i know the president is convinced that the healthcare is part of the economy. people have an anxiety that what happens if my child gets sick. i'm on the serge of possibly losing my job. i don't have good healthcare and if my child gets sick and i lose my healthcare i could go
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bankrupt. that's the anxiety people are feeling every day and part of the anxiety we have to address. >> let's turn to the message from massachusetts on tuesday night. here was the president's first reaction on wednesday. >> the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and frustrated not just because of what happened in the last two yours but the last eight years. >> scott brown had a clear platform. stop healthcare, cut taxes, end back room deals with special interests and don't give terrorists miranda rights. it wasn't the same thing that swept barack obama into office. scott brown explosively campaigned against the obama agenda. >> that may be what he campaigned on but that's not why the voters of massachusetts sent him to washington. if you look at an exit poll. >> it wasn't an exit poll. they did a pole.
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>> they did a pole of voters that participated as to why they voted. more people voted to express support for barack obama than to oppose him. his approval rating was 61%. their enthusiasm for republican policies among that electorate was for republicans 40%. >> you're not suggesting this was a man dade -- mandate for obama. >> of course but i'm not you go something what you said meets the truth test. >> you don't think when they voted for -- hold on. >> that's not what they told pollsters. no. i think people are angry. they were angerry in massachusetts we haven't made more progress on the economy. on healthcare they asked specifically -- this is something you're saying is about stopping healthcare reform. >> he said he was the 41st vote. >> i hope he doesn't misread. 70% of the voters in massachusetts want him to work with democrats on healthcare
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reform. only 28% want to stop healthcare reform from happening. chris, if republicans want to assume that the outcome of what happened in massachusetts is a big endorsement of their policies when 40% are enthusiastic and 58% are angry i hope they misread that election as badly as anybody could. with a people want in this country is they want us to focus on getting this economy moving again. they want us to work together. the president has tried and i hope that republicans will tried to work with the president. but that kind of anger and dissatisfaction at the fact that washington far too many times puts the special interests ahead of their interest, that anger persists. >> we're running out of time so i've got several more questions. the president has asked 2008 campaign manager dave plaintiff to come back. is it just to work on the midterm elections or will he
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also advise the president on policy. >> david is as smart as anybody that i've met and i think anybody has seen. he will help supplement a good political staff. in helping us watch the 2010 election, the gubernatorial, senate and house elections that will important. >> so exclusively political. >> absolutely. >> osama bin laden has apparently -- because of that we say apparently, made a new tape claiming responsibility for the christmas day attack. two questions, one your reaction to the fact he's still out there. and does the government think bin laden really had any role in the christmas day would be bombing. >> i don't want to get into the second question. i would say obviously we have -- nobody had a chance to authenticate that tape. i would say again, you know, i think everybody in this world
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understand that this is somebody that has to pop up in our lives over an audiotape because he's nothing but a cowardly murderous thug and terrorist that will some day, hopefully soon, be brought to justice. >> minute left. our top intelligence and homeland security officials told congress this week that none of them were consulted beforehand on the decision to charge the christmas day bomber abdulmutallab as a criminal defendant and we have learned he was read his miranda rights on the day he was arrested, christmas day, after just 50 minutes of interrogation. you said it was attorney general holder who made the decision. was the president informed before or after the decision. >> which decision. >> the decision to charge abdulmutallab as a criminal defendant and not treat him as a enemy combatant. >> the charges didn't happen
6:17 pm
until several days later and everybody -- so he was read his miranda rights. was the president told before or after. >> that decision was made by the justice department and fbi with experienced interrogators. but make no mistake, abdulmutallab was interrogated, and valuable intelligence was gotten as a result of that interrogation. >> but we find out he was interrogated for 50 minutes. this is a guy -- >> no no. that's -- >> the reports are, no the reports are he was interrogated 50 minutes, drugged, because he had obviously some injuries. they -- when they came back he was read miranda rights and claimed up. >> no, he was interrogated, valuable intelligence was gotten. based on that intelligence, the department of justice made the right decision is does the fbi agents you. >> really don't think if you interrogated him longer, that
6:18 pm
you might have gotten more information since we know al qaeda and yemen -- >> fbi interrogators believe they got valuable intelligence and got all that they could out of him. >> all that they could. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> always a pleasure. don't be a stranger. >> happy to do it. >> republicans are doing a victory lap over the win in massachusetts but can they carry that momentum into november. we'll ask the man in charge of
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leaders john cornyn of texas and welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> how will you vote on giving federal reserve chairman ben bernanke a second term. >> i think ben bernanke is a brilliant and honorable man but one who presided over what is a crisis of confidence of the american people due to lack of transparency and accountability. with regard to the bailouts and other activities by the federal reserve. i will vote no on his confirm mission. they need a fresh start and that's the best for the administration and the country. >> warren buffet, the country's most respected investor, says if bernanke is voted down, he would like to know the day before to sell stocks. here's what he said on "fox business" network two republican critics now like yourself. >> i would say they ought to get
6:23 pm
on their knees and thank the lord bernanke was with us. he took unprecedented action and took it quickly and kept us from the precipice. the dow dow lost more than 400 points on the possibility that bernanke would not be reconfirmed. a number of analysts say voting bernanke down would send shock waves to markets around the world. are republicans willing to take responsibility for that? >> i know prominent democrats will not vote to confirm mr. bernanke. and frankly i think part of the reason the stock market went down is because the president announced his bank tax which caused 200 points of that drop. there's a lot of urn certainty as to what the political situation will be and what the -- now that washington is the financial capital of the
6:24 pm
world. a lot of uncertainty about what will happen here. but i think that the federal reserve would benefit from a fresh start. i'm not saying mr. bernanke hadn't done a good job once it is crisis was created. he mitigated a lot of harm but i think he should have seen it coming. the bubble in housing and easy money which lead to huge increasing in housing prices over a short period of time and then collapse contributed to the problems was required to clean up. >> you just heard robert gibbs give his analyst of the vote in massachusetts and preview the state of the union address. do you think the white house hat has gotten the message massachusetts voters were sending. >> they weren't talking about tactics or communication. they were talking about policies.
6:25 pm
they disagreed with. whether it was our national security policy, dealing with terrorists, treating it as a ordinary criminal event, trying masterminds of 9/11 in civilian court. they said they didn't want this nationalized healthcare bill and didn't want premiums to go up, taxes go up, they didn't want us to take money from medicare to create a entitlement program and were scared about the spending and debt in washington. if the what you say and democrats didn't get the message they missed the point of what happened in massachusetts. >> on the other hand you just heard robert gibbs site a pole that indicates that they want scott brown to come in and work with democrats and they're not -- they want some healthcare bill, just not the one being passed. there are some positives there, so what about his argument that in fact there isn't in complete
6:26 pm
rejection of the obama agenda. >> i think so the message that scott brown effectively gave in massachusetts -- by the way, he's entitled to the lion's share of the credit with the right message at the right time but the message was not let's tweak this around the edges. it's about starting over. if that's what the white house wants to do, there are a lot of republicans that would like to work with them to do things that bring down the cost of healthcare and will make it more affordable. >> let me ask you about healthcare. if democrats and robert gibbs left it open. if democrats try to pass comprehensive healthcare reform, perhaps through the parliamently maneuver of reconciliation where they only need 51 votes, what do you think the political repercussions will be. >> if they try to jam it through as they have so far along
6:27 pm
partisan lines, i think november of 2010 will be a very good month for us. i think we will gain a lot more seats because frankly it will show how tone deaf they were who the voters of massachusetts and across the country. >> are republicans really willing to compromise on -- with democrats on a scaled back bill to -- there are certain things you want, malpractice reform and allowing insurance to be sold across state lines. are you willing to accept democratic ideas or unconditional surrender. >> we want a seat at the table. the voters want a seat at the table. they don't want behind closed doors sweetheart deals that made a mockery of the democratic process here in washington. if the white house and democrats will agree to an open, transparent process where our ideas are considered and perhaps included in legislation, i think we can start over with a step-by-step approach that will result in real reform. >> what do you think of what
6:28 pm
seems to be the president's new populous line, fighting for the middle class. >> the problem is the uncertainty of this administration's policies are killing jobs and making had harder for the average american worker. that's part of the message we saw out of massachusetts. higher taxes, more regulation, you know, the idea of creating new entitlement programs while spending borrowed money and wracking up debt and not dealing with long term financial problems the country has in unfunded federal liabilities. those are things that i think prompted the massachusetts voters to action. this is the fear and the anger that you hear that i hear in my state and across the country that apparently the white house is not yet hearing. >> as we said, you're in charge of getting more republicans elected to the senate, the current lineup, 36 races in november, 18 of those seats held by republicans, 18 by democrats.
6:29 pm
how has scott brown ace victory changed the political map? >> it's energized everybody on our side to the opportunities in 2010. we've got a large number of excellent candidates and a number of primary races that have to be played out across the country. but it's made a big difference in terms of people's interest in running and we'll hear more who decide to run. it's helped us with the fundraising that's part of the process. >> how would you rate president obama's political strength in the country right now? >> most polls say he's even between those who approve and disapprove. he's got an opportunity to do a mid core correction. i think if i did that, then he would have a good chance to have a successful first term at president. if he doesn't, if they persist along the same lines, stay the
6:30 pm
course, thinking it's a matter of tactics as asman possessed to the policy it won't be successful. >> what do you think banking back david plouffe, basically in charge of the 2010 election campaign. >> what i gathered is they seemed to think they got caught napping in massachusetts and didn't respond soon enough. but what they have failed to acknowledge so far is the unpopularity of the policies. whether it's national security pom, treating people like the christmas day bomber as a ordinary criminal as opposed to the terrorist he is and trying him in military tribunals and gathering intelligence. the unpopularity of the healthcare bill. scott brown said i will be the 41st vote to stop this bill. that took courage, especially in
6:31 pm
massachusetts n a seat held by teddy kennedy but he did it and that catapulted him to victory. >> on the other hand, according to a recent poll, let's put it up. 34%, only 34% of voters, have a favorable opinion of congressional republicans. 56% do not. the tea party movement says national republicans like john cornyn are part of the problem not part of the solution. how do you address that. >> we have a lot of work to do and that's matter of listening to what the message was in massachusetts and the message i hear in texas when i'm hope home and around the country. people want their country back. they don't want elites in washington deciding what is best and jamming it down their throat, whether they like it or not. >> they say a republican elite is trying to jam it down their throat too. >> we're in a minority and have no power to stop -- >> i'm talking about the tea
6:32 pm
party movementup set with your organization for endorsing people like in florida and saying let the voters decide. >> which try to listen to whatthy told us and that is is we're going to have competitive primaries in florida and elsewhere. i think that is -- then nominate the strongest candidate for november. i think i would mention that republicans lead democrats by 8 points on the generic ballot, according to the rasmussen poll. there's room for hope. >> finally, what's the practical effect of the supreme court ruling saying corporations can openly support and spend money supporting or opposing candidates. can you expect a rush of corporate cash? >> no i don't. i think it's been overstated. there's been an explosion of money into federal races for public office since -- well in the last ten years, since
6:33 pm
campaign finance reform t hasn't done anything to stop the flow of money but made it less transparent. president obama spent more money in 2008 than senator kerry and bush did in 2004 combined. we need transparent sis on the internet. >> thanks for coming in today. a pleasure to see you. >> thanks. >> coming up, our sunday recession on the fate of ben bernanke. will the senate reject his nomination? is the president's bashing of is the president's bashing of wall street good
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i just am not going to vote for the nomination of the chairman of the federal reserve board. >> he was part of the federal reserve board and then chairman of it when the economic crisis hit us and devastated us financially and economically. >> a senate republican and democrat joining the growing core rouse opposed to a second term for fed chairman ben bernanke. brit hume, and contributors laura lie anson and juan williams. will the white house and senate democrats admit they were pricest surprised by the
6:37 pm
sudden threat last week to bernanke's confirm mission. john john corn nine is voting against it what do you think is going on. >> dissatisfaction with the economy is the principle issue and a sense this is pupulist anger in the country and that that makes bernanke be a easy target. i'm not sure bernanke will go down in history as a success or failure. that remains to be seen. the challenge he faces is the challenge of extra tracting the money he dumped into the economy from the economy at the right time to avoid a major outbreak of inflation. i think that challenge lies ahead. in the end they'll summon the votes to pass but it's a sign of the political atmosphere in the country owing to dissatisfaction over the economy, reflection of massachusetts and a sense the pitchforks are out and it's nice to have someone to point to to
6:38 pm
show you're as awningry as the voters. >> john cornyn distant say a filibuster. they want the political and political benefit of opposing them and getting right with the anger. he's in trouble but he'll be confirmed. he hurt his case when he made speeches saying monetary policy had nothing to do with the financial crisis. keeping interest rates too low, too long and the fed of blameless. he should have acknowledged he, like many other actors in this drama, contributed. but it's a sign on the democratic side of the panic and hysteria that's ensued. >> bill, the arguments and bill and -- brit and mara touched on it. the arguments against bernanke are that his policies as fed chairman the last few years,
6:39 pm
especially the easy money, fed the housing bubble, contributed to the financial meltdown because they weren't regulating the banks tightly enough and during the last year he focused more on wall street, coddling wall street, that be helping main street. one, do you think the arguments are legitimate and what do you think the impact would be if he were voted down to the worldwide financial system? >> the first set of arguments are legitimate. he was a fed governor from 2,000 on a supporter of alan greenspan and became fed chairman and kept rates low. he didn't do what a central banker is supposed to do, keep financial system sound. he's done a pretty good job steering us away from the worst consequences of the meltdown over which i resided and it's reasonable for the rentals and i don't think it's pitchforks to
6:40 pm
say that he shouldn't be reappointed fed chairman. his -- he failed in the fundamental job of a central banker. why does president obama want to renew his term. >> the question is you say he didn't keep our financial stable but i think he did. if he was here he would argue much like president obama would say he avoided a depression. his policies did so. i happen to think he took care of -- >> i was in charge before then. >> right but i think that group, geithner's part of that group. they came in and protected wall street and they're basically a thinking if you keep the economy steady that will produce the jobs. and show up in terms of better employment but i don't think there's a question he looked after wall street, he's not looked after mr. and mrs. average american in terms of jobs or in terms of boosting confidence in the economy. if you look at wall street now, wall street's been up in this week with the threat to
6:41 pm
bernanke. so wall street is having a different reaction than most americans. >> all of this comes, brit, as the president adopts a new populous tone. we've see a fair amount of bashing much wall street, fat cats he called them in december, and some policies, first the bank tax then this week suggesting new legislation on regulating the size and scope of bank. good policy and good politics? >> part of it is good policies. there are things he's proposals which make sense. paul advocator, who is not a social list support him. the bank tax can silly but they're looking for a way to get the republicans. the question i have about it is, when you have what is called pupulist anger, a lot of it is
6:42 pm
anger in washington. the president i think figured he can grab a pitchfork and join the ranks of these people. i don't think he can do that because i think it's a combination of anger at his policies and the results. he need different policies and better results. if he doesn't have either, an attack on the banks while many sympathize isn't going to get him far. >> i grew he had a rhetorical attack on the banks, which won't get him far but what i proposed about the putting a kind of firewall back between the taxpayer protected part of banking activity and high risk activity is a policy that makes thence and it's long overdue. banks should be able to take risks but don't do it under the umbrella of taxpayer protection. let them do that on their own. >> the problem is they mostly did that with borrowed money.
6:43 pm
they didn't do it with -- >> you know, if you believe the bank that's too big to fail is probably too big to exist u you have to answer that question. >> one more thing, there was a lot of chattener washington this week that the president, up until now, sided with treasury secretary tim geithner and check economic advisory larry summers who said don't come down too hard on banks but now he's siding with paul advocator and the political advisors in cracking down on the so called fat cats. >> i'm in favor of fundamental reform of a too big to fail banking system but he's been president a year. the legislation has moved through the house and lots of committee hearings and the -- it's a complicate the piece of legislation. suddenly to pop out the after the massachusetts special election and say here's another idea, it's lewd ludicrous.
6:44 pm
this wasn't worked through. the idea the banks will spin off pry right tear trading. i went on the white house website to see where is the 25 page or 85-page white paper. there is none. it's nonsense. david axlerod or rahm emanuel you'll said look populous. the danger is it could dis credit ideas because a lot of people will not trust these guys to fix the system. >> we have to step aside. up next a look ahead to the president's state of the union speech after the stunning defeat in matches. how do the democrats regroup. >> shepard: back in a moment. walmart's $10 90-day generic prescriptions...
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as long as i have some breath in me, as long as i have the privilege of serving as your president, i will not stop fighting for you. i will take my lumps. >> the president using the word fight more than 20 times on friday as he pledged to stand by his agenda despite the defeat in massachusetts. we're back with our group of juan, how do you expect the president to react in the state of union to the political turn of fortune. do you expect a change this tone or agenda. >> the change this tone is rather than playing an inside washington game which is what rahm emanuel you'll had him doing thinking he had to corral the democratic votes, the president will start throwing punches, taking hits lump. all this talk about fight means he'll go to the american people and say i put together a
6:49 pm
stimulus package but here are people -- here's a teacher a policeman, a construction worker back on the job because of this stimulus spending. he's going to talk about healthcare in terms of the increasing rate of spending on medicare, exhausting that fund. and say wait a second, most americans want healthcare reform in the country. we can't stop fighting for you and we're going to protect american families. he'll talk about foreclosures and say look what the banks have been doing and try to get the banks under control. it's a populist fighting speech. >> so assuming mr. williams knows what president obama's going to say, is that going to work? >> no. it won't work at all. it may rally the base a bit, the spirited base, it may people to some but the message from massachusetts and other states is clear. the public doesn't like the policies. and as i mentioned they don't
6:50 pm
like the results either. he needs to do better on both counts and coming out swinging in favor of a sense of the same set of policies has to know priorities is not going to work. healthcare was never anybody's priority. it wasn't before and isn't now. >> and the liberal democratic base -- >> exactly. polling across the country, it's been consistent across the board. he did one thing about the economy, the public didn't have much faith in it when it passed. it broke and already broken bank and left him with very little money and he moved on to this and spent most of the year on it and the public doesn't like it, didn't want him on it. not only had did they think it was wrong. it was the wrong, wrong thing. news travels fast in america. is hasn't reached the white house yet in the fullness of time it will. >> let me ask you, do you think
6:51 pm
he could he should pull a clinton? >> absolutely. what a wonderful opportunity to do it. how he goes about it and so forth, he needs a major, agonizing reassessment and i would say the appointment of david plouffe is not a good sign. plouffe's got an article in the washington post today in which he talks about making the same fight on the same issues only harder and more aggressively. my view is big mistake. needs to reorient himself and unless and until he does trouble remains. >> don't forget clinton had republican majorities to triangulate with. >> i triangulated against his -- >> but he had a partner in congress that was the opposition party in the majority. you have 41 republican votes in the senate. one thing the massachusetts election was a huge indictment of the diplomat majority. can you imagine republicans having 60 votes and not passing
6:52 pm
the signature initiative within a year? unheard of to me. having said in a terms of healthcare next, they have limited and politically unpalatable options. one reason they struggle is because nancy pelosi doesn't have the votes. it's hard to know the right way forward. however i believe on the politics of this, not passing anything just giving up, is marginally worse than going forward and doing this. i think that otherwise you have members who have take an vote on this unpopular bill and have nothing to show so they'll get bashed. scott brown did not disavow romney care when he ran for election. there's a plan date, subsidies z he disavowed and there were complications. >> yes but he didn't disavow what obama care is based on which is a system where you
6:53 pm
highly regulate insurance companies like utilities, but you bring everybody into the system so that you can subsidize the cost. >> bill, you're always generous with advice to the other party. what should president obama do. >> i'm inspired by president obama's fighting words. i say to you and the viewers as long as i a breath left in me i will not stop fighting fightingn williams. i saw robert gibbs express the view of the observe white house saying you asked him the list of issues scott brown campaigned on, in advertisements and speeches, against healthcare and cutting taxes, and robert gibbs say that may be what he campaigned on. it wasn't why the voters sent scott brown to washington. that's what he campaigned on. that's what he thought he was talking about and what they debated but that's not what the
6:54 pm
voters were doing. they are frustrated and angry and if only obama was frustrated and angry he'll northbound sink. it's not about tone or optics. it's about the substance. if he wants to pursue a left wing agenda it will go down. >> president obama said in ohio that the healthcare bill became perceived as a monstrosity with the american people. the cornhusker kimback, the louisiana deal, everybody was like this is too much. seniors especially thought that possible cuts to made care would impact them negatively and everybody said no. the president gets it. >> it was wildly unpopular before the cornhusker deal. this is their own self dilution. medicare was substance. >> not because of the process. if they want to tell themselves it was a messy process but the
6:55 pm
voters don't disagree, that's crazy. >> bill, the american people -- this is a disagreement with you and brit hume. american people before president obama came said we want healthcare reform. >> no they didn't. >> you know what -- >> that's a demand in the country for healthcare reform. >> juan on election day last year there was a poll and they were asked priorities for congress. economy, 44%. you know how many said healthcare reform was top priority, 5%. >> i'm going to let -- this is not a revolt of special interest killing the healthcare bill like with hillary care. you have big pharma, you have the insurance companies basically inside the tent buying the idea of a big new market in exchange. this is a grassroots rebellion, this is not a industry lobby. >> disas a populist anger in
6:56 pm
washington that swept scott brown in and that's the same anger that gives gave us a first term senator from illinois. >> leave that question. i want to thank you, panel. we're out of time. but brit will ask that question if you check out the latest addition of panel plus where our group will continue with brit's question and juan's answer on our website, "fox news sunday".com. up next, we hear from you. if you're buying store-brand ibuprofen, you may save a little money on your arthritis pain relief. but you could end up taking twice as many pills...
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> >> time now for comments you posted in recovery efforts on haiti on our blog on wallace watch. the countries hit hard by a national disaster and just like any country, the u.s. responds with supplies, money and personnel, but we are still the great satan or aren't doing enough. kathy, a hatian born american wrote thank you to the american people and people all over the world who join together to help the hatian people in the disaster. keep your comments coming. and have a great week, we'll see you next fox news shunned.


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